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What Massage Therapy Can Do For You

For thousands of years people have been using massage therapy as a reliable and effective way to heal not just tired and sore muscles, but also as a means of stress relief. So if you’re looking for highly skilled massage therapists, our team at Irina Massage Therapy can help.

Irina Massage Therapy is located in southwest Littleton, on 6638 W Ottawa Avenue by Coal Mine Ave and Pierce Street in the Executive Plaza One building.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced licensed massage therapists will design therapeutic massage by incorporating different modalities according to your specific individual needs to help reach your bodywork goals.

Irina has been practicing massage therapy for 6 years and has been awarded the Best Business Award of Littleton since 2015 for four years in the row. What better therapist to help you manage your sore, tired muscles?

Our extensive menu of massage therapy modalities will surely fit your needs. Whether its a relaxing Swedish style massage with aromatherapy, or our signature deep tissue an Ashiatsu “full-body-massage-with-bare-feet” style of massage or Table Thai technique, you are guaranteed to feel your best!

Benefits of Massage Therapy

How many times have you accidentally bumped your head or hit your shin on the coffee table? What’s the first thing you do to help alleviate that intense pain? You rub it! Massage is a natural instinct for pain relief that we’ve been doing our whole lives, and didn’t even realize it! So one of the benefits of massage therapy is what’s known as the “analgesic affect”. Simply put, massage helps take the pain away. It will increase heat and circulation to the area and begin to flush out all the lactic acid and inflammation that cause pain and soreness. What’s left are relaxed and warm muscles that move freely, and feel better.

Many people will say they don’t like to “sleep” during a massage because they don’t want to “miss” it. In truth, it’s not sleep but more of a relaxed state of mind. For once, you can let all the millions of thoughts and ideas slowdown in your mind and just let go. The result being a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The best benefit is what will come after the massage. Once the hour or 90 minute massage is over, your body continues to work for you! For many hours after, and even days, you’ll have a more pleasant state of mind because your body feels good. You know you want more of that!

Let the skilled Licensed Massage Therapists at Irina Massage Therapy help you alleviate your pain and massage away your stress! Call us today to schedule an appointment and reach your intentional bliss!

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