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36. I received lymphatic drainage from Irina due to congestion in my ears. She worked on my face, neck, and throat/chest area. The treatment was very relaxing and I feel that it was beneficial. Afterward, I could tell that my system was moving fluid away from my head and neck and ears. The result was more clarity throughout that day and the following day. Although the congestion has returned, I feel that it was helpful and that a few more treatments would also be beneficial! Thank you, Irina! -Corinne, Littelton; November 2016

35. Irina is the best! She provides amazing massages and I have tried several kinds and all were equally awesome! Her customer service is exceptional and I always look forward to my appointments with her!!" -Kelley, Highland Ranch; June 2016
34. I had been getting massages from different persons and then by chance I heard about Irina Massage Therapy, after trying her ASHIATSU I think she is the best. She has worked on my back and sore muscles and by the time I walk out of her massage therapy I feel great. She seems to finds all my sore muscles and she will work on them to loosen them up. I highly recommend her to any one with back problems or even just to get a full body massage to make you feel good. ~Juan, Littleton; September 2014

33.  I cannot tell you how very pleased I was with the massage you gave me.  The next day I was pretty sore and as caregiver to two moms, I was beginning to wonder if I did the right thing but I kept up the exercises you gave me and I am so much better now than I was before I came in.   I will definitely try to take advantage of my second 90 minute massage. Thanks again for such a great massage!                       ~ Marlene T.; August 2014

 32. I am SO fortunate to have discovered you Irina!!  Though I felt I was "cheating" on the massage therapist I had been seeing for the past ~10 years, I was looking for someone that could do Myofascial Release to alleviate some Sciatic Nerve pain.hen I saw your Groupon deal in the fall of 2013, I took a chance & purchased the 60 min deal. Within the first 15 minutes of my session, I regretted choosing the 60 min vs the 90 min deal you had also offered.   As my session was coming to an end, I asked if you were able to extend it—I was willing to pay WHATEVER for the additional 30 minutes!  To my great luck, you had some extra time until your next client & you were graciously flexible to accommodate me. That appointment was 7 months ago & I've never looked back!!  In your very kind way, you've taught me how to take an active role in taking care of my body.  You've shown me various stretches & remind me to stay properly hydrated.  When I injured myself, you took great care to either avoid or gently massage the injured area & I now feel you're a part of my recovery process!  I have referred you to several friends & they have not been disappointed.  Bonus:  because your regular rates are reasonable, I now look at my appointments with you as a necessary part of taking care of myself instead of the "splurge" I used to think massages were.  I TOTALLY feel I get my money's worth every time!  Thank you for your professional & caring interest in your clients—I feel SO blessed!!   ~Stacy, Littleton; June 2014

 31. Irina is wonderful - she knows how to work injuries and always seems to find the right amount of pressure. She has a pleasant environment and takes special care to discuss any areas of concern. ~ Groupon Client; June 2014

 30. Best massage I've ever had. She is wonderful. I look forward to going back for my next massage. ~ Groupon Client; May 2014
29. I originally went to Irina Kerfoot because I had a Groupon, however, I have returned several times because she is so effective at relieving my lower back pain.  Because her prices are so reasonable, I have been able to see her regularly, which has helped keep my pain down. ~ Tabitha; May 2014
28. This was one of the best massages that I have ever received. Irina is professional and very knowledgeable in her craft. She was able to find the problem areas in my neck and shoulders quickly. She was also good at recommending stretches to help with my specific problems. I will definitely use Irina Massage Therapy again. ~Groupon Client; January 2014
27. Thank you Irina. I have a problem with recurring tightness on one side of my neck/shoulders. This was the first time that all tightness was gone after a massage and it has not returned. I was a little under the weather when I went and Irina was very patient working with and on me. I left feeling fantastic. ~ Groupon Client; January 2014
26. Best massage ever - slept like a baby last night. ~ Peggy; December 2013
25. Great massage. Will be back for sure. ~Groupon Client; September 2013
24. Irina is very attentive and customized my massage to my needs. She is a terrific therapist and I will be using her again in the future . I'd recommend her to anyone. ~ Groupon Client; September 2013
23. My massage was deep and therapeutic while also relaxing, an ideal blend.      ~Groupon Client; September 2013
22. Go here! The prices are reasonable and Irina is very good at what she does. ~ Groupon Client; September 2013
21. Irina was wonderful! She is really skilled and passionate about her craft. She's hardworking, intentional and really hit the spots I needed. I really like her as a person. Thank you Irina! ~ Groupon Client; September 2013
20. Irina was great and very professional. Was one of the best therapist I have had. Can't wait till she gets certified for walking on my back (whatever that's called) ~ Groupon Client; August 2013
19. Enjoyed the massage and liked that she tuned in to my needs ~ Groupon Client, August 2013
18. She was very enjoyable to work with and I intend to return at a later date ~ Groupon Client; August 2013
17. Enjoy the fact that it is close to my house. ~ Groupon Client; August 2013
16. Excellent service, I'd recommend to anybody to try. She's very welcoming and seems like she's been doing it for decades (As far as results)  ~Groupon Client; July 2013
15. I thought Irina Kerfoot was wonderful. She came off very professional, catered to my needs as a new massage client, and made me feel like "butter" and I am definitely going again!  ~ Groupon Client; July 2013

14. Irina was great, just wish I could afford her after the first visit. If her messages were in the $35 an hour range or so, would get one each week!  ~ Groupon Client; July 2013

13. After experiencing upwards of 50 massages over the years, I do not know that I ever received a better massage than Irina gave me.  ~ Groupon Client; July 2013

12. Being a Massage Therapist myself I am somewhat picky. I would recommend Irina Kerfoot for anyone that is looking for a massage. ~ Groupon Client; July 2013

11. Irina is awesome and gives a fabulous massage!    ~ Groupon Client, June 2013

10. She was very good. Spoke with me about my areas of concern and addressed them. She was not overly talkative. I really enjoyed the experience.   ~ Groupon Client; June 2013

9. Irina was amazing. She is so sweet and so professional and really knows what she is doing. Irina has very strong hands and listens to the needs of the client. I was very impressed with how she prepped me before the massage in telling me to really let my mind relax and not think about everything I have to do later; and I was also impressed with how she wrapped up after the massage in recommending that I drink a lot of water that day. I will absolutely be going back to Irina and I think I have found a massage therapist to go to regularly.                                                      Loved her! ~ Groupon Client; June 2013

8. She is very talented, truly listened to me and responded perfectly to my needs. I will definitely be going back.        ~ Groupon Client; April 2013


7. She was wonderful and seemed very passionate at what she does!                                                       ~ Groupon Client; April 2013

6. Irina as just wonderful! She was able to stretch me muscles and didn't end until she felt I was ready to be done! Amazing 90 minutes of relaxation! I will love to try the stones next time!                                                           ~Groupon Client; March 1013

5. Irina is a wonderful misuse! Her technique is terrific and I truly felt more relaxed than when I first got there. I have tried using Groupons at other spas but this is by far the best one. I don't think I will ever see anyone else again. Why would I?                            ~ Groupon Client; March 2013

4. Irina has the skills and knowledge of a seasoned massage therapist. She was very considerate of my needs and knew how to administer the correct technique for my particular situation. As a retired therapist myself, I was impressed with Irina's ability to provide a well thought out therapeutic session.  She is an excellent therapist!                                                                        ~ Arlene N. Littleton, CO

3. My husband and I met Irina a few years ago through a mutual friend. A couple of years later I was told that Irina had completed her massage therapy training and had passed her exam. We decided to try Irina out and see how she compared to some massage franchises we had visited. We were amazed by her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and her ability to relieve our back and neck pain in one visit. Of course, it was so relaxing that we wanted to go back a couple of weeks later.  Irina is one of the least expensive massage therapists we have been to and she takes pride in her ability to make people feel better with massage. We highly recommend Irina.       ~Cindy & Harry H. Aurora,CO

2. I just want to thank Irina for her excellent services. The efficacy of her work is outstanding and she is a caring person that works to benefit her clients in every way. My chronic pain issues are always taken into consideration and she is able to moderate the lightness or the depth of her deep tissue massages to my needs of the day. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank YOU Irina;-)   
~Annette. Littleton, CO 
1. Dear Irina – I am writing to let you know AWESOME you are!  As someone who has had many years of physical therapy, injuries, and as a result, has had to go to many massage therapists – NONE of them has had the special gift of “touch” that you have. You are by far, the most intuitive therapist I have had.  My muscular/structural issues are very complicated – and require a lot of effort to “figure out”….and you have done just that. I have to say that you have helped me tremendously and I appreciate all your hard work.
You are a very gifted therapist – and a wonderful lady!
 ~Gina M. Littleton,CO 


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